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  • The Year 1947

    India's got its independence in August 1947. In December the same year, three researchers at Bell Labs invented the transistor, a three-terminal semiconductor device capable of fast switching and amplification. In electronics, this is perhaps the most important discovery. It made possible integrated circuits, microprocessors, computers and smartphones. Can you think of other technological breakthroughs from the year 1947?

Smartphone Workshop for Senior Citizens (17 Sep 2016)

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India Innovation Challenge

Texas Instruments Inc. in collaboration with Department of Science and Technology(DST) proudly announce the DST & Texas Instruments Inc. India Innovation Challenge Design Contest 2016, anchored by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore and supported by MyGov. The contest is open for all students pursuing B.E./B.Tech,M.E./M.Tech & Ph.D from Indian engineering colleges.

Calling all student innovators, thinkers and makers of the country to join the revolution! Give your ideas a jump-start by sculpting your innovation.

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PyCon India 2016

JNU Convention Centre
New Delhi
23-25 September 2016

PyCon India, the premier conference in India on using and developing the Python programming language is conducted annually by the Python developer community. It attracts the best Python programmers from across the country and abroad.

This year's event includes one day of workshops plus two days of conference. While there are many proposals for both the workshop and the conference, you can vote for what's important to you.

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