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  • A Programmable Loom

    Early computers took inputs by reading punched cards. Presence or absence of a hole indicated either a zero or a one, the very language of computers. It's interesting to note that the punched card itself was invented by Joseph Marie Jacquard in 1801 to program a loom. The card would indicate if warp threads were to be woven above or below weft threads. Jacquard's loom was perhaps the first programmable “computer.”

IoT Project Day @ Microsoft (25 Feb 2017)

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IOT Olympiad 2017

IOT Olympiad is an initiative of Internet of Things Summit (IOT Summit 2017) and UNICOM. Olympiad will include the following topics:

Embedded Software, Embedded C++, Embedded Hardware IOT in Manufacturing, IOT in Retail/Ecommerce, IOT & Future of Connected Automobile, IOT & Smart Homes, IOT & Smart Cities, IOT In Energy/Utilities, IOT in Smart Buildings, IOT in Healthcare & Personal Fitness, IOT in Transportation, Supply Chain & Logistics

Important Dates

  • Qualifier Round 1: 19th March (online)
  • Semi-Finals: 20th April (Bangalore)
  • Finals: 20th April (Bangalore)


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