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Volunteer With IEDF

Volunteers don't get paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.
-- Sherry Anderson
There are a number of ways in which members can volunteer their time and effort within the IEDF community:
  • Lead As A Trainer
    You may be an expert in a specific area of technology. You are welcome to put together a training to share that expertise and experience with younger engineers and students. IEDF will support you in preparing the training material, managing publicity and sourcing the venue.

  • Help As A Facilitator
    If you are not yet confident to lead a complete training workshop, you can assist in a supporting role. You can interact with participants. You can help in necessary research and pre-training preparations.

  • Guide As a Mentor
    IEDF welcomes students to take up projects. You can become a mentor to these students and guide them technically. It is common for our mentors to have regular Skype calls with students and occasionally meet them for face to face discussions.

  • Share As a Blogger
    Some of you may be interested in writing. You are welcome to contribute original articles on technology to our blog. Perhaps you read something interesting. Perhaps you attended a conference and would like to express your opinions. Don't worry if you're not confident of your writing skills. Send us the content and our editors will be happy to improve it on your behalf.

Rewarding You With Points

At IEDF, we have a system that rewards our volunteers with points. These points can be redeemed at workshops. Each workshop will require a specified number of points, typically 100 points. You may earn points in one of the following ways:
  • Joining Bonus
    Earn 100 points when you sign up on our website.

  • Event Volunteer
    Earn 15 points per day when you volunteer as a facilitator at one of our workshops or similar events. For example, you will earn 30 points for a 2-day workshop.

  • Workshop Trainer
    Earn 40 points per day when you conduct a training at one of our workshops. For example, you will earn 80 points for a 2-day workshop.

  • Venue Sponsor
    Earn 15 points if you manage to convince your employer to host us for one of our events. You will get these points for each hosted event.

  • Project Guide
    Earn 25 points if you guide students in their projects via our website.

  • Presenter
    Earn 20 points if you give a presentation or a demo at one of our workshops.

  • Blogger
    Earn 25 points if your article is published on our blog.

  • Project Completion
    Earn up to 100 points if you take up a project via our website. The exact number of points awarded will depend on the scope of work. Your project guides will award the points.

  • Auto Credit
    Earn 20 points automatically every month. This allows inactive members to accumulate enough points to attend a future workshop.

Star Sponsors

Our workshops are made possible thanks to the support of companies opening up their training/meeting rooms for the IEDF community. Since our inception we have had good support from organizations. In particular, the following have been our star sponsors:

  • Texas Instruments, Bangalore
    During 2015, they sponsored their training rooms for many workshops on the Internet of Things (IoT). Their support staff and security have taken care of all arrangements to make these workshops successful.

  • Microsoft, Bangalore
    Microsoft has hosted our quarterly IoT Project Day event at their premises. In addition, engineers from Microsoft have actively participated in these events.

  • GlobalLogic, Bangalore
    They have hosted IEDF for a few of Python, Git/GitHub and Ubuntu Linux workshops.

  • Bang The Table, Bangalore
    Our first workshop was held here in November 2014. Since then, they have sponsored their office space for a number of Git/GitHub, Ubuntu Linux and Python workshops.

We thank all our sponsors. If you would like to work with us, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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