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Aishwarya Rajan

-- CSE Student @ National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal

IoT workshop gave us a great insight to the next technical revolution, Internet of Things. It was a well-structured event covering the fundamentals. From LEDs to motors, we worked on simple programs guided by Arvind. Overall, it was a great learning experience.

Bobby Chakravarthy B.

-- ECE Student @ Kongu Engineering College, Kongu, TN

More than being a technical community, IEDF is creating a platform where people from various technical backgrounds meet. This all happens due to the free hands-on workshops being offered by IEDF every month. I wish IEDF to continue this and be a successful technical community platform for all engineers in and around the world who can make the most of it.

Ganesh C. S.

-- Co-founder @ PhotoElectricChefs, Bangalore

IEDF had invited me and my team to a workshop – it was a pleasant surprise. I would like to say that the workshop was a well-structured comprehensive guide for tech enthusiasts and for individuals who want to learn beyond their curriculum. The keen interest taken by Arvind to organize and plan the workshop in detail shows his passion to give back something to the society in ways he knows best! I wish IEDF all the best in all future endeavours!

Imran Nazir

-- JavaScript Expert, Luton, England

I worked on a software project in Python for IEDF. I did not have too much experience using the language at the time. The opportunity allowed me to hone my skills and learn a lot more about the language and using source code control. I feel much more confident as a coder for which I am very grateful to IEDF.

Narayan V. K.

-- CSE Student @ Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore

IEDF is the most wonderful and sincere initiative I have come across. It has exposed an engineering student like me to various fields in IT and provided a platform for communicating with professionals from different companies. The workshops have been of very high quality and I have recommended them to many of my friends for the value they provide.

Sai Saketh

-- ECE Student @ Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology, Bangalore

IEDF came into my life in third year of my engineering. It has had a tremendous impact on how I see technology today. Thank you and always willing to contribute for IEDF.

Arun D. N.

-- Embedded/DSP Consultant, Bangalore

I found IEDF workshops extremely helpful to anyone who doesn't have prior background in the areas. I attended the IoT for beginners and the Python workshop. They were well conducted with good arrangement and no cost at all to the participants. The workshops are interactive and hands-on. The trainers are responsive and you have continuous contact for help even after the training. Thanks to IEDF.

Chandragupta Borkotoky

-- Founder @ Trinth, Bangalore

Trinth has always been involved in research and development of newer products. The IEDF forum supplements the team to stay updated on the latest design ideas. The best part of IEDF is the news section which is periodically updated and provides a single window view of what is going on in different industries.

Gopi Nagaraju

-- Engineer @ MaxLinear Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore

I attended Python and Arduino workshops from IEDF. I liked the Arduino workshop the most and interested in conducting more experiments. Especially the articles related to energy harvesting and experiential learning, interest me in the IEDF blog. Thanks to IEDF for bringing all the information to one place!

Napoleon Arouldass

-- Founder @, Bangalore

IEDF workshop on IOT was quite inspiring with in-depth attention to details. I enjoyed the workshop on IOT. Would like to have more workshops of these sorts.

Rohit M. A.

-- ECE Student @ National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal

IEDF has proved a very valuable resource, be it for the comprehensive workshops, the wide-ranging articles or the personal guidance of Mr Padmanabhan himself for my projects. It's an inspiration to engineering enthusiasts of all ages!

Sudeep Divakaran

-- Research Scholar @ Takshashila Institution, Bangalore

IEDF is a great source of information with timely updates and expert reviews about key technological events and newly launched products – fully loaded to tinker your senses to design and make something. Truly, a forum designed to Inspire!

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